7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is The Key to Unlocking Your Business Success

Email is arguably the most powerful tool for business owners to build trust, generate sales and grow a tribe of raving fans. This is because when it comes to building customer relationships and driving business growth, few marketing tactics are more effective than email.

Whether it’s sharing industry news and updates, product features, tips, blog roundups or other non-promotional content, a company’s email campaigns can help people learn more about the business, build a deeper level of trust and ultimately more sales.

Reason 1. Email Marketing Will Help You Hit Your KPIs

The most effective email campaigns are those that align with broader marketing goals and KPIs.

Depending on the business, this may mean....

1. getting more signups for a 14-day trial

2. converting more leads to buyers by boosting sales of a low-price introductory product

3. more attendees to your live seminars or workshops.

4. or even more donations to a charity.

So first you must get clear on what you are trying to acheive with each email campaign.

When businesses understand the strong relationship email followup can nurture while providing measurable goals, they are better prepared to plan and execute online marketing campaigns that will drive results.

Reason 2. Sending Engaging, High Value Emails Will Build You Raving Fans

The content of your emails is the most important thing.

You must focus on getting your prospects attention while also providing immense value in your email.

This starts with engaging email subject lines as they are the first thing a subscriber sees, and is the basis of whether they decide to open an email or not.

Subject lines should be short, relevant and captivating.

Try using subject lines that trigger curiosity, let them know that there is something in the email for them and make sure to include a call to action.

Reason 3. Sending Emails Often Will Generate More Sales

To maximize the value of an email campaign, companies need to ensure that they are sending emails often.

Most business owners who are new to email marketing are scared to send emails out often because they are worried they will annoy people.

This is flawed thinking.

I treat email followup with my audience like communicate with a best friend. You talk to your closest friends almost every day...and you want your prospects and customers to feel like you are their best friend.

As long as you are sending them emails that provide them with immense value, you should striving to email your audience every single day, if not at least 3 times a week.

If that offends some people let them let you know by unsubscribing from receiving your emails. At that's OK. Their loss not yours!

You don't need to be communicating with them, just your most engaged contacts.

Reason 4. Sending Emails At The Right Time Boosts Engagement

Emails sent at the wrong time can also cause a significant drop in engagement.

Aggregate data shows that the best times to send emails for most businesses are 10 a.m. Tuesdays and 3 p.m. Thursdays – however this should be taken with a grain of salt as every business is different.

Start off by sending at these times to get a baseline on your open and click thru rates, then experiment with other send out time.

Study your specific subscriber lists and campaign analytics to find out what times work best for you, and then adjust accordingly.

Reason 5. Sending Personalized Emails Will Increase Readership

Personalization is one of the simplest ways to increase open rates.

By simply addressing the subscriber by first name, business owners can improve open rates by 10-14%.

When an email is addressed directly to the recipient in this way, it feels less like spam and more like a valuable communication from a friend.

Reason 6. Email Segmentation Will Boost Your Response and Conversion Rate

Email offers you the ability to segment your audience into smaller groups...allowing you to communicate with your prospects and customers in a more personalize way.

This can dramatically increase your response rates and conversions.

For example, a massage therapist can target local businesses in the area with a special in-house promotional offers....while targeting more remote business with their mobile in-home massage services.

This can drive new customers in the door as well as securing more remote customers.

Reason 7. Email is only one piece of the puzzle but it is a powerful piece

The most effective email campaigns should be accompanied by targeted social media posts, website landing pages and online ads.

By combining email, with an effective online sales funnels and a strong social ads campaign, a small business can maximize the reach of its promotions and drive more conversions.

Now is the best time to get start with email marketing

Using email to promote your self, your business and your offers is the most cost-effective way for small businesses that are operating on a limited budget to reach their revenue goals.

Email is significantly less expensive than most other marketing media. Once you have acquired a person's email address it is essentially FREE to communicate with them over and over again.

This makes it the perfect tool for a small business to communicate its expertise with its audience and keep them thinking of it when they need a service or a product.

Automated Elevation Email Marketing

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Automated Elevation Email Marketing

Free Training

Learn Exactly How I Grow My Email List On Autopilot

Get Access To A Free 6-Part Video Training


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