The Power of a Website Builder & Website Themes
Boosting Your Business's Online Presence

Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, having a high quality, good looking website is essential to boosting your business’s online presence.

With a well-optimised website, you can make your business stand out from the competition, while increasing conversions and sales.

If you don’t have web design skills or development experience, you can still build your own website. Long gone are the days of needing to know how to code a website from scratch or hire an expensive web designer.

Now we have DIY website builders to helps us!.

What Can A DIY Website Build Do For You?

The main advantages of using a website builder is affordability, ease of use and the ability to create a beautiful, functional site from scratch without any technical knowledge or experience.

Your website needs to look professional, be easy to navigate and free from technical glitches. Website building software lets you create just that...a business website you can be proud of, in just a few simple clicks.

You can use it to publicly share information about your services or products, publish articles and blogs, posts portfolio photos and videos or even create an online store.

However, some websites builders have limited features and won't offer a full set of options to meet your specific business needs. This can be frustrating since you must develop a website that’s more than just a brochure and a basic contact form.

If you've been following me for quite some time then you know you need to create a website that is a lead generation machine and a customer conversion monster!

So here are a few things you must consider when choosing a website builder:

#1. Drag & Drop Visual Building

The quality of a DIY website builder hinges on the ease of use of its page editor.

The best website builders have drag & drop editors that allow you to build out every component of your website visually. You should be able to easily add, move and delete web elements from the front end of your website without ever having to touch or see web code.

The visual builder must have structural building elements such as Sections, Columns and Rows to help you layout and piece together web elements easily.

You also must be able to see your web page come to life in real time as you are building it.

#2. Ready-Made Web Templates or Themes

Templates or themes are the foundational look and feel of your website .

A good website builder will comes with multiple FREE pre-built website templates and themes in a wider range of industries and niches to choose from.

This will allow you to select a website theme and templates that is appealing, functional and suitable for your audience.

You can then edit it and customize to suit your brand without the need to hire an external web designer.

#3. Pre-Built Page Layouts or Web Elements

Web page layouts and web elements will allow you to present your content on your website in a wide variety of ways.

This allows you to display your brand message and content in a truly unique way without having to purchase additional website elements, plugins or add-ons.

This drastically shortens the creation process and cost.

These web elements could include things such as:

Audio Elements
Bullet Lists
Blog Posts
Circle Counters
Content Accordions
Data tables
Dividers & Spacers
Email Opt-in Forms
Event Calendars
Feature Lists
Hero sections
Icon lists
Info & Alert Boxes
Login Forms.
Photo Galleries
Photo sliders
Portfolio showcases
Pricing Tables
Skill bars
Stats and Bar Counters
Social Follow Icons
Video Galleries

#4. Mobile-Friendly Responsive Designs

It’s also important to ensure that your DIY website builder creates webpages with a mobile-friendly responsive design, so that your site will look good on mobile devices too.

This is crucial if you go to grow and expand your online presence with online advertising, as it will ensure that you don’t have any compatibility issues when your customers are viewing your website and landing pages using their phones or tablets.

Want to know how I built my website WITHOUT HIRING A WEB DESIGNER?

Website Builders

My DIY Website Builders' Top Recommendations

Website Builders

Want to know how I built my website WITHOUT HIRING A WEB DESIGNER?

 My DIY Website Builders' Top Recommendations


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